About the clinic

Meet the team

Why us?

We care about our patients and want the absolute best for you. We also care about our reputation and want to make your experience of our services a very positive one. We have been in practice for thirty years and bring a unique level of knowledge and experience to our work, constantly striving to deliver the highest standards of care.

You can be confident that our wish is to help you realise your goals and our agenda is always to do the best for you. You are an individual and that’s how we view you.

We listen to you and develop the right plan for your particular needs and preferences. Our policy is to treat you as much as necessary, but also as little as possible and we aim to empower you with the tools to maintain your own health into the future with the minimum of intervention.

What we don’t do

  • We don’t scare our patients into having treatment they don’t need.
  • We don’t sell unnecessarily long treatment programmes to our patients.
  • We don’t have a formula that we apply to every patient.
  • We don’t have ‘open-plan’ treatment rooms where patients are denied the one-to-one attention and confidential treatment they deserve.
  • We don’t ask our patients to pay up-front for their appointments.
  • We don’t take unnecessary X-rays of our patients (we follow the IRMER guidelines on the use of X-rays).
  • We don’t make inflated claims about the benefits of treatment or the consequences of not having it

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