Neck Pain

Neck pain is very common and becoming more so.  It has many different causes, including poor posture, injury and occupational stresses but whatever the cause, each person requires an individualised approach that is tailored specifically to them.

Neck Pain Treatment

At Casterbridge Chiropractic we have the knowledge and expertise to give you an accurate diagnosis and advise you of the best neck pain treatment options available. We draw from a wide range of techniques in order to comfortably, safely and effectively give relief from neck pain and stiffness. We provide treatment and advice regarding ergonomics, lifestyle and exercise to enable you to get better and stay better.

Incorrect posture

Correct posture

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Sport is about performing at your highest level. Whether it’s tight muscles, weak muscles, recurrent injury, reduced mobility or poor stability that’s holding you back, our chiropractors and sports massage therapist are here to help you.

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of the population suffers with back pain at some point.  


of the population is suffering right now.  If that’s you, call us now.

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