Knee Pain

The knee is the largest joint of the body and subject to colossal stresses. The knee is in fact made up of three separate compartments, each being prone to its own distinct problems which can occur individually or together.

Dysfunction in the low back and hip, or foot and ankle can cause massive lever forces on the knee leading to increased risk of injury and accelerated wear and tear.

In 2015 over 107,000 knee operations were performed in the UK.

By mobilising stiff joints, stretching tight muscles, strengthening weak muscles and correcting alignment, we aim to maximise function, improve stability and reduce injury risk.

Once arthritis has set in, although the knee can’t be “unworn”, we have a variety of techniques to ease pain and improve mobility. All too often we hear patients say they’ve been told they have arthritis and that nothing can be done, except wait until it’s bad enough and they’re old enough for a knee replacement. Don’t let a diagnosis of arthritis stop you being active and living life fully. Call us for a consultation, if your knee is completely worn out we’ll tell you and point you in the right direction, but until then, we can help you.

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Casterbridge Chiropractic has moved.

Casterbridge Chiropractic has moved.

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