Gravity dictates that all the forces coming down through the body will eventually pass through your feet. By the same token, any problems with the posture or mechanics of the foot and ankle will have consequences further up through the body.

Orthotics help correct postural and mechanical problems by properly aligning the foot and ankle, resulting in a more even distribution of forces.

Orthotics are prescribed for a variety of conditions, including:
• Plantar fasciitis – Heel pain
• Metatarsalgia – Pain at the base of the toes
• Achilles tendonitis
• Knee pain
• Ilio-tibial band tightness
• Hip bursitis
• Low back pain

Not all orthotics are the same and we therefore carry a range of models, allowing us to cater for the wide range of problems we see and the particular needs of the individual patient.


Really great treatment. Now able to move quite freely as opposed to being very stiff. The orthotics will be worth the money as they make my feet so comfortable.

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Sports therapy

Sport is about performing at your highest level. Whether it’s tight muscles, weak muscles, recurrent injury, reduced mobility or poor stability that’s holding you back, our chiropractors and sports massage therapist are here to help you.

Back pain


of the population suffers with back pain at some point.  


of the population is suffering right now.  If that’s you, call us now.

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