Initial Consultation

Your First Visit

A vital part of achieving the best outcome for you is understanding your goals and expectations. Your first visit to the clinic will last approximately an hour and begin with a discussion where we ask you to tell us about your complaint and how it affects you. Your chiropractor will then ask you some detailed questions about your condition as well as your general health and medical history. Some of the questions may appear irrelevant, but are important as your chiropractor needs to establish your overall health picture and ensure that chiropractic care is appropriate for you and your condition.

The key to successful treatment is an accurate diagnosis. To this end, your chiropractor will examine you using a range of orthopaedic and neurological tests designed to establish the exact cause of your symptoms. Most times this will involve removing outer layers of clothing so please bear this in mind. Female patients are given a gown to wear and male patients are asked to wear appropriate underwear or loose-fitting shorts.

Occasionally, it is necessary to perform extra tests to acquire all the information necessary to help you. Should you require x-rays, these can be done on the premises using our up-to-date digital X-ray equipment. In line with current legislation and guidelines, X-rays are only taken when clinically necessary and most patients do not need them. MRI or Ultrasound scans can be performed locally and if blood tests are necessary, your chiropractor will liaise with your GP to arrange this. Once all the relevant information has been gathered, your chiropractor will explain to you in simple language what is wrong and what treatment options are available to you. If your complaint is suitable for chiropractic care, your chiropractor will talk to you about the benefits and risks of any treatment, how much treatment they believe is necessary and over what period of time. If you are accepted as a patient and agree a treatment plan, treatment is commenced as soon as possible. Because every patient and every complaint is different, it is not always possible to start treatment on the first visit, although generally we can.

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