Getting the most out of your treatment

When you engage our services at Casterbridge Chiropractic, we become partners in your care.  Our job is to identify the area that need addressing, to devise the right programme of care for you and deliver the best treatment and advice.  But we can’t do it without your help and your share of the process is to keep your appointments, follow the advice we give on exercises and lifestyle changes and to make sure you complete your plan of care.  The most common reasons patients fail to get the maximum benefit from their chiropractic care are failure to keep to the agreed appointment schedule, not following the prescribed exercise programme or finishing care too early.

We want you to get the maximum benefit from consulting us; we want you to be delighted with the changes you feel and that others see.  To this end, we pledge to do our bit to the best of our ability, we hope you will play your part too.  If you have any questions or concerns about your treatment or the progress you are making, please talk to your chiropractor about it.  It’s important you fully understand the treatment and recovery process and we are very happy to take the time to discuss any questions you have.

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